Smashbox arena 2020 league

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96 Players

32 Teams

24 Finalists

3 Winners

League Overview

The season starts January 6th and ends March 1st, including 96 players in 32 teams

Tournament Overview

The final 8 teams compete in a tournament from March 16th - March 22th​

Arcade Overview

Play at your local arcade and meet others interested in E-Sports, Virtual Reality, and more! ​

Virtual Challenger Series.
VR E-Sports Done Right.

Who we are

VCS was founded by Waylon Fisher and Brandon Egolf of Spectrum Virtual Reality Arcade. With a combined 4 years of industry expereince, VCS is ready to bring the best.

Why we are

Virtual Reality is the future in E-Sports, and we want to guide it there. By treating each player as an E-Sports professional, we provide the luxury E-Sports experience VR needs.

Where you enter

VCS offers competetive and competent leagues and tournaments to put you, and your team, against the best in VR E-Sports. Become the next pro.

How it starts

As leagues are announced you can sign up as a player or an arcade, find a team, schedule matches, and fight for glory.

A League of Our Own

VCS is determined to give Virtual Reality the premium experiences you’ve come to expect from E-Sports. We’re bringing together the best parts of E-Sports, Virtual Reality, and Arcades into one.

Our Leagues & Tournaments

Each league and tournament is designed meticulously to ensure you get an experience you’ll never forget

Linking Players & Arcades

VCS works with VR Arcades to help them build communities of E-Sports players and gives gamers a hub in their communities

Quick, Simple, Responsive

We’re here 24/7 and will keep you up to date as leagues, tournaments, and updates come about — you’ll always get an answer


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