VCS Presents

Smashbox Arena
2020 League

The Season has started!

Basic Info

Dates, Times, Layout, Prizes, More

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After the 8 weeks of standard league are over, the top 8 teams (of the 32) will go on to compete in the VCS Smashbox Arena 2020 Tournament! Each team in the finals will get a loot box as shown on the left. Being a finalist is a big deal, and we want to honor that achievement. Only one box is sent per team, with 3 of each item below in it. We recommend keeping this box in your arcade as a commemorative trophy!

Your official invitation to compete in the top 8 tournament! A customized letter made for you and hand signed by VCS to not only congratulate you, but show proof of your accomplishment. This letter may be used to verify winners in the future, so be sure to keep a hold of it!

Your very own VCS Smashbox Arena 2020 Final 8 E-Sports Jersey! For making it to the finals, you’ll get a custom made jersey for this tournament! This jersey includes the name of the league, logo, VCS Final 8 emblem, and tournament sponsors. Wear it with pride, you’ve earned it!

Something fun and useful! Pop one of these onto the back of your phone to help stabilize your grip (but mostly show off). Each socket is custom made with VCS’s logo! 

Registration Info

Bring Your Own Team: Register a team from home that will play in an arcade. (*$50 per player) 

Virtual Reality Arcade Team: Register a team from an arcade that will play in the arcade. ($30 per player)

*extra fee for increased verification process

Bring Your Own Team

Includes access to the league & tournament (if in the top 8) for 3 players


Virtual Reality Arcade Team

Includes event assets, media files, custom flyers, & more (includes above perks)


We will contact you within 24 hours of form submission with details of payment, team info, scheduling, rules, assets, and more


Smashbox Arena 2020 League Sponsors

Thank you to all of our sponsors for supporting our players and tournaments 


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